We Are Honduran Hands

We are a 100% Honduran company: our main raw material is the result of the country’s agriculture; milk and citrus fruits generate development in their areas of influence.

As a socially responsible company, we have believed in our country, being involved in its growth and sustainable development, in partnership with our livestock suppliers, we work to improve milk quality, generate technical knowledge in the field to more than 4,600 direct agricultural suppliers nationwide. In this way we can always offer the best products to our consumers.

Lacthosa has forged a value chain that shows that in Honduras we are able to produce with quality using as raw material, the milk and oranges from our Honduran fields, by involving directly and indirectly thousands of people.

The Honduran dairy production chain, today, is orderly, and stable, with sustainable growth in the last years of 4% per year in milk production. We ensure the purchase of more than 140 million liters of milk annually which represents 20% of the national production.

We started this comprehensive strategy in 1998 when Lacthosa established the first 40 Milk Collection and Cooling Centers (CRELs), to assist milk suppliers with appropriate equipment and physical facilities for the proper handling of raw milk.

We have invested in the installation and operation of 104 Collection and Cooling Centers at national level, which benefit more than 14 thousand families living in rural areas.

In the citrus sector, we support the country’s citrus grower with the purchase of more than 80,000 tons of oranges a year from more than 2,000 small farmers in Sonaguera, Colón. As a responsible company we have a certified nursery for the production of healthy plants. The nursery has the capacity to supply 250 thousand plants annually.

Our commitment is to support the national producer, they provide us with the raw material we need to be present every day contributing nutrition and health at the table of thousands of Honduran families.

We are Honduran Hands that with work, dedication and effort have made Honduras great