A Letter from the Founder

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  • Schucry Kafie

We started to write one of the most successful stories of business development and innovation in Honduras in March 1992, when we started operations at San Pedro Sula Production Plant with the firm purpose of enhancing the development of the dairy industry, dairy products, and fruit juices.

Now, we have 4 processing plants in Honduras; we maintain a stable annual purchase of more than 140 million liters of milk in 50 municipalities in 14 departments, making us the largest milk-producing plant in the country. We provide permanent jobs to more than 3,000 employees who work for the company and work hand in hand with more than 4,600 suppliers of fresh milk and citrus. We generate about 60,000 indirect jobs on farms and services, benefiting more than 14,000 families in Honduras.

We offer to our customers more than 250 different products, among the varieties of milk, milkshakes, creams, cheeses, fruit juices, nectars, ice cream, yogurt and purified water, that are distributed in more than 40,000 businesses and local stores (pulperías) crossing more than 600 sales routes throughout Central America.

We have opened new international markets and we export to Guatemala, El Salvador, United States, Dominican Republic and Grand Cayman. Our expansion has been recognized twice with the Presidential Exporter Award. In 2017 we received the Presidential Orchid Enterprise Award in the category of Greater Exporter to Central America.

We are proud to be the only company in our business recognized for seven consecutive years with the seal of Socially Responsible Company (SRC) awarded by the Fundación Hondureña de Responsabilidad Social EmpresariaL (FUNDAHRSE) (Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility) as a socially responsible company.

The loyalty of our consumer puts our products in a position of leadership, so I appreciate the trust placed in our brands: Sula, Delta, Ceteco, La Pradera, Gaymont’s, Chilly Willy and Fristy.