Misión, Visión & Valores


To elaborate and commercialize dairy products of the highest quality that contribute to the growth and nutrition of a healthy population.


Be the leading dairy company in the Central American market by meeting the food needs of the population by always offering them top quality products while maintaining a focus on supporting society.

Our People

To become a good place to work, where our colleagues feel inspired to be the best they can be.

Our Products

To offer quality dairy products that anticipate the needs and tastes of our customers.

Our Partners

To encourage a successful relationship with our suppliers and customers.

Our Planet

To offer quality dairy products that anticipate the needs and tastes of our customers.



Lácteos de Honduras S. A. (Lacthosa) will carry out its business with honesty and integrity in accordance with good business practices.


We value and encourage the contribution of people to the achievement of common goals.


With our customers, providing them with quality products; with the society, providing stability to the families of our collaborators, and with the environment, fulfilling the norms established for its care.



At all times we pose challenges to improve our products and processes; striving to support our customers in meeting their goals. We promote diversity, fair treatment, respect and trust.


We must demand from others and ourselves the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity. We safeguard the assets of the company, complying with all its policies and laws.


All shareholders, executives and employees of Lacthosa are committed to be transparent and clear in the development of their functions and in the pact with the client.