Lacthosa is founded, with the aim of distributing and marketing everything related to milk and its derivatives.1988
Lacthosa Cereals division is established.1990
Company Growth
Lacthosa acquires the plant and the brand Sula and the Honduran Dairy Products Plant (PLAHSA).1992
Lacthosa installs in the Valle del Aguán, the orange concentrate processing plant Colón Fruit Company (COFRUTCO). 1994
San Pedro Sula
Lacthosa installs equipment to generate aseptic products, being the first in the country and becoming the pioneer in the commercialization of products processed with UHT technology.1997
Lacthosa El Salvador
Lacthosa founded Distribuidora Sula, in El Salvador, in order to distribute the Sula products.1997
Lacthosa installs more than 100 Centers of Collection and Cooling of Milk at national level (Crel’s).1998
Citrus Processing Plant
In 1999 the citrus processing plant began operations, where through an advanced technology, it processes 80 thousand tons of oranges per year, generating agricultural development in the areas of influence.1999
Lacthosa obtains the certification of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), to export towards the USA.2001
La Fortuna
Lacthosa installed the largest milk dehydration plant in Honduras in Sonaguera, Colón, La Fortuna plant, in order to absorb surplus fresh fluid milk during the high production season.2002
Lacthosa expands its operations in Central America by acquiring Industrias Lácteas, S.A. (INLACSA) of Guatemala.2006
New Image
Lacthosa renews its image by changing the design of all its packaging and reinforcing its presence in the regional market. The new image of the company focuses on freshness, quality and innovation.2010
Presidential Exporter Award
Lacthosa Sula was granted the Presidential Award to the Exporter in the Innovation Category which shows that the company is making a difference in the market, offering more than 150 products distributed in the categories of milk, juices and cheeses in different packaging and presentations. 2012
Three Recognitions
Lacthosa was awarded 3 recognitions by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in complying with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).2013
Sula Market
Lacthosa opened the Sula Market store.2015
Lacthosa makes an important investment to have a new Tetra Pack plant.2016