Feeding Honduras

Concerned about child malnutrition in Honduras, Lacthosa promotes consumption habits that allow Honduran families to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and encourage the general population to include in their daily diet products that bring benefits to their health and improve the quality of life of all Hondurans.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recommends a consumption of at least 190 liters of milk per person annually. In Honduras, Lacthosa has boosted milk consumption from 80 liters to 120 in the last 10 years placing the country on the tenth place in Latin America. This is especially focused on children and adolescents, considering that this food is the main source of nutrients for proper growth and development.

The main projects of Lacthosa focused on nutrition and health are:

Food Bank of Honduras

Founding Partner and active member of the Food Bank of Honduras

Lacthosa is one of its founding institutions and permanently supports its operations by donating product on a monthly basis to benefit more than 28,000 people. The sports event “Marathon Sula” is organized for the benefit of the Food Bank collecting more than 1 million lempiras from 2013, in addition we donated their first truck so they can collect the donations.

With the project “Healthy Breakfast” we deliver milk to four (4) public schools children so that children can have a healthy meal time in their school day.


Massive collection of milk to benefit 5,000 children with problems related to malnutrition, special needs or of social risk’s situations. The company organizes the campaign, mobilizes more than 2,000 volunteers, and equals the amount of milk customers donate in supermarkets, to give milk for one year to 20 beneficiary households. It is an alliance between the Scouts Association of Honduras and Tetra Pack. More than 100,000 liters of milk have been donated by Lacthosa through this campaign.


Lacthosa was the first Honduran company to change its packaging to pink as a message of support for the prevention and early detection of this disease.

For seven (7) consecutive years it has joined the efforts made by the Fundación Hondureña de Lucha contra el Cancer de Mama (Honduran Foundation against Breast Cancer)-(FUNHOCAM) in the dissemination of breast cancer prevention messages. In addition, for each liter of special edition milk sold, a contribution is made to the Honduran Foundation against Breast Cancer with which more than 4,000 mammograms have been donated to low-income women.

Maratón Sula

Healthy entertainment and health promotion through sport. The Maratón Sula is the biggest sporting event that a private company does in Tegucigalpa, and beginning on 2016 in San Pedro Sula. All funds collected are donated to Programa para Rehabilitación Cerebral PREPACE (Brain Rehabilitation Program) and the Food Bank of Honduras.


It is an initiative that seeks to share food with the needy, in the baseball field Lempira Reina was able to gather more than 500 low-income people, to share the spirit of solidarity and sweetness of Christmas and achieve a pleasant family time.